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«Lesnoy vestnik / Forestry Bulletin»


Oblivin Aleksandr Nikolaevich, professor, Dr.Sci.(Tech.), academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and MANVSh, Honored worker of science and equipment of the Russian Federation, President of MSFU e-mail: prezident@mgul.ac.ru

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Nikishov Vladimir Dmitrievich, professor, Cand.Sci.(Tech.), academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, MSFU e-mail: nikishov.08@mgul.ac.ru

Editorial council of the journal

    Azarov Vasily Ilyich, professor, Dr.Sci.(Tech), Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Russia, Academy of Natural Sciences, e-mail: azarov@mgul.ac.ru
    Artamonov Dmitrii Vladimirovich, Professor, Dr. Sci. Sciences, Penza State, e-mail: aius@pnzgu.ru.de
    Belyaev Mikhail Yurevich, Dr.Sci.(Tech), Head of Department, Deputy Director of S.P. Korolev RSC "Energia" e-mail: mikhail.belyaev@rsce.ru
    Bemman Albrecht, professor, the Dresden technical university, professorate Institute for countries of Eastern Europe, Germany, e-mail: albrecht.bemmann(at)forst.tu-dresden.de
    Drapalyuk Michael Valentinovich, professor, Dr.Sci.(Tech), Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation Voronezh State Academy of Forestry, e-mail: md@vglta.vrn.ru
    Evdokimov Yuri Mikhailovich, professor, Cand.Sci.(Chemical); academician of the New York Academy of Sciences, corr. Academy of Natural Sciences, a member of the Central Board of Nanotechnology Society of Russia, e-mail: evdok@mgul.ac.ru
    Zalesov Sergei Veniaminovich,
    professor, the Dr.Sci.(Agricultural), USFEU, e-mail: zalesov@usfeu.ru
    Zaprudnov Vyacheslav Ilich, professor, Dr.Sci.(Tech.), MSFU, e-mail: zaprudnov@mgul.ac.ru
    Isaev Aleksandr Sergeevich, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, International institute of the wood, e-mail: isaev@cepl.rssi.ru
    Karjalainen Timo, professor, university of East Finland Joensuu, forest scientific research institute “Metla”, Finland, e-mail: timo.karjalainen@metla.fi
    Kozhuhov Nikolay Ivanovich, professor, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Dr.Sci.(Econ.), MSFU, e-mail: kozhukov@mgul.ac.ru
    Kozlov Alexander Ilich, Cand.Sci.(Tech), Scientific Secretary of the Board of "NPO IT", e-mail: ako1405@yandex.ru
    Komarov Evgenii Gennadievich, professor, Dr.Sci.(Tech.), MSFU, e-mail: komarov@mgul.ac.ru
    Korolkov Anatolii Vladimirovich, professor, Dr.Sci.(Phys.-Math.), MSFU, e-mail: korolkov@mgul.ac.ru
    Koch Niels Elers, professor, the Dr. of agronomics in the field of forest policy, the President of IUFRO, the Center of forest and landscape planning of university Copenhagen, Denmark, e-mail: nek@life.ku.dk
    Krott Maks, professor, specialization of Forest of the politician, George-August-Universitet, Goettingen, e-mail: mkrott@gwdg.de
    Leont’ev Aleksandr Ivanovich, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences,professor, Dr.Sci.(Tech.), BMSTU, Moscow, e-mail: leontiev@power.bmstu.ru
    Lipatkin Vladimir Aleksandrovich, professor, Cand.Sci.(Biol.), MSFU, e-mail: lipatkin@mgul.ac.ru
    Maiorova Elena Ivanovna, Dr.Sci.(Jurisprudence), Cand.Sci.(Agricultural), MSFU, e-mail: mayorova@mgul.ac.ru
    Martynyuk Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, Dr.Sci.(Agricultural), VNIILM, e-mail: info@vniilm.ru
    Moiseev Nikolai Aleksandrovich, professor, Dr.Sci.academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, MSFU, e-mail: moiseev@mgul.ac.ru
    Redkin Anatolii Konstantinovich, professor, Dr.Sci.(Tech.), MSFU, e-mail: redkin@mgul.ac.ru
    Rykunin Stanislav Nikolaevich, professor, Dr.Sci.(Tech.), MSFU, e-mail: rikunin@mgul.ac.ru
    Rubcov Mihail Vladimirovich, professor, Dr.Sci.(Agricultural), Corresponding Member, Russian Academy of Agrarian Sciences, Institute of Forest Science, Russian Academy of Sciences (ILAN), e-mail: root@ilan.ras.ru
    Semenov Yurii Pavlovich, professor, Dr.Sci.(Tech.), MSFU, e-mail: semenov@mgul.ac.ru
    Strekalov Aleksandr Fedorovich, Cand.Sci.(Tech.), Rocket and space corporation «ENERGIA», e-mail: mail@rscc.ru, post@rscc.ru, boris.harlov@rscc.ru
    Teodoronskii Vladimir Sergeevich, professor, Dr.Sci.(Agricultural), academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, MSFU, e-mail: teodoronskiy@mgul.ac.ru
    Titov Anatoly Matveyevich, Cand.Sci.(Tech), Deputy Chief of Department, Scientific Secretary of the Board of MCC TSNIIMASH, e-mail: amt@mccrsa.ru
    Tuluzakov Dmitrii Vladimirovich, associate professor, Cand.Sci.(Tech.), MSFU, e-mail: tuluzakov@mgul.ac.ru
    Cvetkov Vyacheslav Efimovich, professor, Dr.Sci.(Tech.), academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, MSFU, e-mail: tsvetkov@mgul.ac.ru
    Chubinskii Anatolii Nikolaevich, professor, Dr.Sci.(Tech.), Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical University, e-mail: tlsd@inbox.ru
    Shimkovich Dmitrii Grigor’evich, professor, Dr.Sci.(Tech.), OOO “Kudesnik”, e-mail: shimkovich@mgul.ac.ru

  • Assistant Editor

  • Raseva Elena Aleksandrovna